Sunday, March 4, 2012

We move today!!

Chaos has reigned this morning so the pups move today! Yesterday they outgrew the dining room pen and it's time for a bigger pad. It's funny with puppies, one day everything fits and the next day, they have outgrown their environment. This crew has been active since the start and that hasn't lessened over time.

I love so many things about them--their boldness, their people focus, their coordination and athleticism (how can you be athletic at 5 weeks of age but even the biggest ones are easily hopping over 3" high objects)--but all of those positives mean they are also a handful. They literally knocked Dreamer off her feet this morning, that is how powerful they are. So, today I build them a playground and settle them in across the way. This will be the first litter that has been permanently ensconced in the training room so I'm eager to see how it works out.

I put some of the longer videos from yesterday up on YouTube. Your best bet is to subscribe to our channel gaylansgoldens so you can view all of them. I'm not too familiar with YouTube but let me know if you have problems.

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Rosie said...

They look great. What a busy group.