Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ivy's Babies Are Here!!

Ivy and Red's new babies were born right on time.  We had predicted they would arrive Oct 23 and sure enough, around 8 PM, they did.  We have five girls and one boy.  They are, in birth order:
  1. Miss Raspberry, born at 8:36 pm, weighing 9.5 oz
  2. Miss Pink, born at 8:52 pm, weighing 10.1 oz
  3. Miss Lavender, born at 9:04 pm, weighing 10.0 oz
  4. Miss Yellow, born at 10:19 pm, weighing 11.9 oz
  5. Miss Green, born at 10:25 pm, weighing 8.3 oz
  6. Mr Blue, born at 11:26 pm, weighing 11.1 oz
Like everything in her life, Ivy took motherhood in stride.  When Miss Raspberry arrived, Ivy went to work cleaning her up.  Within a minute or two, Raz was nursing and Miss Pink was on her way.  Although Vicki, Bob, Marcy and I were close at hand in case we were needed, Ivy did it all on her own.  I am always awed and humbled when I watch dogs like Ivy become mothers before my eyes.  She is handling the pups easily, retrieving them when they get too far away, as well as keeping them spotless, warm and well fed.  

This litter will be our Disney litter so their new owners will have fun coming up with their registered names.  I can't wait to see what everyone picks.  They will also have a bicoastal childhood, starting their lives in Southern California and then making the trip to New York when they are three weeks old.  What an adventure they (and Vicki and Bob) will have!  

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