Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Country Music Litter has arrived!

Scoop's water broke at 1:10 yesterday afternoon and at 1:28 Mr. Yellow arrived.  Scoop was a bit unsure of what the heck "that thing" was, but nature took over and within seconds cleaned him up and started caring for him.  By 5:45 she had delivered the last puppy and was settled in with her crew!   We did have one stillborn puppy, which is very sad.  Despite all our best efforts it was clear that she was gone.   But we celebrate the arrival of six strong, healthy pups!

So, I would like to introduce the Country Music Litter:

Mr. Yellow was born at 1:28 pm and weighed in at 13 1/8 oz
Mr. Blue was born at 2:07 and weighed in at 15 3/4 oz
Mr. Brown was born at 2:32 and weighed in at 13 1/4 oz
Mr. Red was born at 3:07 and weighed in at 11 1/2
Miss Purple was born at  4:03 and weighed in at 11 3/4
Mr. Green was born at  5:42 and weighed in at 12 3/8

Thanks so much to Cindy Groveman, Phoebe Teramoto and Phyllis Covino for their help and company yesterday.  And a HUGE thank you to Phoebe for spending the first night with the litter.   Lise and I are fresh and ready to welcome the Heart litter which should be here tonight or tomorrow.   I have uploaded photos and a couple of videos of the Country Music pups - enjoy!

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