Sunday, March 18, 2012

Puppy Walk and more babies!!!!!

We are all up early today because it's Puppy Walk day for the High litter and because the Country Music litter is due today.  How exciting is this?  Very and we can thank the girls for the timing.  If you hang around with me, you'll often hear me exclaim "Bitches!" as I shake my head with resignation.  I've had primarily bitches or girl dogs since I was 23 years old so I know the vagaries of this determined group.  Want to get that long-awaited last leg on a title at a show five miles from your house?  Go ahead and enter and your girl will come in season.  Want to do a breeding but your dearest friend is getting married?  Agree to be maid-of-honor and your girl will need to be bred three states away on the morning of the wedding.  Save 15 years for a dream trip with your husband to Australia?  Sure, enjoy your trip but your girl will come in season three months early and need to be bred while you on on your trip.  If you can't be really, really flexible, either don't breed dogs or just stick with the boys but remember if you are a stud dog owner, all those girls come to your house :-}.

Anyway, Marcy, Lise and I just laughed when Chex and Scoop came in season because we knew their whelping and first week with the pups would take place at my busiest time with the High litter.  You just have to love bitches!  And around here, we really, really do!

Of to clean and get ready for all of the 'parties' we are having this week.  We'll post photos soon.


Nicole Merriman said...

So exciting! Have a wonderful time today, it looks like it is the perfect day for a puppy walk!

Sandy Z. said...

Sorry I'm going to miss it, but can't wait to meet them next weekend! Have a great time.

Deb said...

You've made me a convert! I love my two Gaylan's girls and wouldn't trade them for the world! And I look forward to the wrench Page will be throwing into OUR lives soon!