Saturday, March 3, 2012

Big Weekend!

The sun finally came out today so all of us headed outside to enjoy the afternoon. The pups did fabulously for their first adventure--they followed us all the way up the path, hung out on the driveway and then played on the lawn for 45 minutes. We had some visitors plus the big dogs so it was a big party. The puppies loved exploring everything, carrying leaves around, digging in the dirt, climbing up and down the hill. Nothing bothered them, even those who rolled down the hill :-). You can see from the photo that they are enjoying the kids that visit. That's Hudson under the puppy pile and Jack is somewhere out of camera range. I've got photos and video up on webshots and some more video loading on YouTube so you'll be able to enjoy our fun, too.

Tomorrow I'm going to start setting up the big pen in the store. The pups have outgrown the dining room and are ready for a real playground. I can't wait to see how they enjoy it. If you come to pick up food, you'll get to have a puppy visit, too! As weather permits, it looks like woods walks will start next week. Yahoo! I think puppy woods walks are the best way to start any day.

About half the pups have hit six pounds and the rest are closing in. Mr Green has resisted eating but gave in today and chowed down with gusto. The rest are enjoying their meals though they aren't crazed over food, which is a good thing in my book!

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