Monday, November 26, 2012

My, Oh My!

Despite evidence to the contrary, we have not forgotten about you.  I have worked for days to get new photos and videos uploaded so you can follow the Disney crew.  After buying a brand new router, an external hard drive and two flash drives, we are underway again.  Raising puppies is NOTHING compared to fixing technology.  Hopefully, my computer headache will go away before next week.

Luckily, I have these wonderful puppies to make me smile.  As you know, Bob, Vicki, Ivy, Darcy, Baggins (the cat) and the pups arrived November 21.  The pups immediately settled into the puppy area and have been exploring and playing ever since.  They have had trips outside when the weather allows it and lots of fun inside.  They are having regular visitors and enjoying all the attention.

We set up two areas for them since our main focus at this age is housebreaking and introducing new things for them to explore.  They have a main sleeping area with some toys and play things and a really big potty box.  That's where they spend most of their time when we can't be with them.  Then they have AdventureLand, with jungle gyms, tunnels, slides, pools and a small potty box.  They get to play there when we can watch them to help them make good decisions re: peeing.

The pups also started eating solid food over the weekend. We start pups off with the same thing their mom eats, Bravo Raw Diet, specifically ground chicken meat and bones with a little chicken organs and of course, vegetables. We don't use pablum or human baby food and just go straight to meat now that they have their teeth. The pups didn't miss a beat, they just started eating. Ivy didn't even need to clean them up, they did so well.  
New photos and videos are up.  Check them out using the links to the right.  Enjoy!