Friday, March 23, 2012

The Heart Litter Arrives!

I'm putting together books for the High litter's departure but wanted to let everyone know that Chex had her babies yesterday.  She had five pups with relative ease but then someone stuck up the works.  No matter how hard she pushed, the pup wasn't budging.  So, Marcy, Lise and Chex headed off to see Dr Cummins.  By midnight, Chex had a c-section and Dr Cummins was able to save both remaining pups :-)!  So, the Heart litter is here--five girls and two boys!  The last boy was trying to do a backwards swan dive into the world and that's a tough way to arrive.  All are well and Chex is doing a great job as a mom.  So, if it's possible for things to be peaceful, they are.  We ended up with six girls and seven boys between the two litters.  What fun!

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