Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quick Update

I wanted to post a quick update on the pups. Can you tell they are keeping us very busy? Yesterday we did their portraits. Check them out on Barry Rosen's site. The pups and Dreamer did a great job!! Dreamer patiently sat through mamma-puppy portraits with all 10 pups! We did end up having to Photoshop her into the group photo because the pups kept bailing out of the baskets to get on her back. It's hard to describe how chaotic these sessions are but in the end, Barry always gets some great shots. That is certainly the case this time!

The pups spent quite a while outside this morning, exploring the agility field and this afternoon are heading out on their first long woods walk. Wish us all luck :-). Hopefully the weather will stay warm and we will be able to get them out everyday now.

We have opened the entire puppy pen up for the pups now. We limited it initially until their use of the potty boxes was pretty strong. It appears that they can handle it now so we'll see how the next few days go.

Next week the pups' schedules get very exciting with vet visits, the Puppy Walk, and the structural evaluation. The following week is more vet visits, the temperament tests, Sherpa and crate training and then going to their new homes. How the time has flown!

Then it's time for Chex and Scoop's litters! Marcy and I are still chuckling that both girls are pregnant. Chex is 8 years old and had missed twice before so we thought long and hard about breeding her again. However, she is a strong, active girl and produced some terrific pups in the Ice Cream litter. We just knew that if we bred just her, she wouldn't get pregnant but if we also bred Scoop, they would both get pregnant, and that's what happened :-). We have a great team though so all will go well.

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