Friday, September 11, 2009

Going Home

Sorry it's been so long since I posted. In the midst of all of the chores required to send our pups home, my laptop stopped working in the house. It just wasn't possible to have enough time in the office to post to the blog and get everything done for the pups and their new owners. We had pups to bathe, photos to print, scrap books to complete, notebooks to make and bags to pack. It all got done except the blog so you all suffered.

But here I sit tonight with Risk, Una, Corey, Dreamer and Miss Black, soon to be known as Lexi. Everyone else has flown the coop. Skye has been bred and is back with her co-owners, Charlie and Lauran Mancusos. Eight of the nine pups have flown or driven to their new homes. It has been wonderful getting to know the new owners we hadn't met before and sharing the joy of a new puppy with those we've known for a while.

The pups each have a web page on our website. You can find the links to them at Here are short introductions.

Mr Green is now "Cruise," Gaylan's Born on the 4th of July. He stayed close at hand with Blanche and Carol who fell in love with him at the Puppy Walk. Blanche and Carol have two Gaylan's girls but were missing having a boy around. They already do it all with their dogs--tracking, agility, field--so Cruise will fit right in. I suspect he may also teach them about conformation in the future, too.

Mr Blue flew to Georgia with Paula, Chester and their son, Chaz. Paula had contacted me a while ago after they lost their last golden. I wasn't sure we'd have the right match in this litter but Mr Blue sure looks like it. He is now Huggy Bear, formally known as Gaylan's All American Huggy Bear.

Miss Black is still with us but Sarah flies in tomorrow morning from Houston, TX to pick her up. She will become Gaylan's American Revolution and will be known as Lexington or Lexi. Lexi will join Sarah and Esteban's Gang of Six agility fiends to tackle the highly competitive Texas agility circuit. We think she is up to it!

Miss Raspberry was the first to fly the coop when she headed to North Carlina with Gene, Cindy and Jeannie McIntosh. She remains Razz to her friends and Gaylan's July 4th Razzmatazz elsewhere. Razz will be Gene's hunting Buddy and they hope to tackle agility, too.

Mr Purple also headed to North Carolina. He moved in with Terrie and David Leafstedt and their golden Silas. He is now Gibbs, Gaylan's S.P.arkler of Gold and will be doing obedience and hunt tests with Terrie.

Mr Red stayed close at hand, moving to NJ with Kathy Santo. Kathy does obedience and agility and hopes to add hunt tests to her activities. Mr Red is now Indy, Gaylan's Mississippi Gambler. I get to see him next week and can't wait!

Sweet Miss Sienna also didn't go far, heading to Long Island with Christy and Todd Luse and their daughters Makayla and Maya, as well as assorted family and Guide dogs. Sienna is now River, Gaylan's Fireworks Over the Hudson. River is going to do rally, agility, obedience and hunt tests with Christy and Makayla.

Mr Brown was also one of the early departures when he flew to Iowa to live with Brent and Tamara Danielson. We had a great visit with Brent and got to show him all of Gus's special skills, like swimming, digging in the mud, excavating the lawn and more. Gus is now Gaylan's Give me Liberty and he will be doing lots of hunting with Brent.

And, last but by no means least, Miss Yellow headed to Miami, FL yesterday with Hilda Wood. Hilda is a fire-fighter and already has some FEMA Search and Rescue dogs that she also shows in hunt tests, agility and obedience. Miss Yellow, now Karma, Gaylan's Flashing Fire & Thunder, is hoping to join the SAR team.

This isn't quite the last post for the 4th of July litter. That will come after Lexi leaves for TX and Risk goes home to Virginia with Rosie. Then life will get back to normal for a short period before we start again with Skye's litter.

In the meantime, I'm posting videos of Risk playing with her pups and lots of going home shots. Enjoy!