Friday, March 30, 2012

Here we are doing what we do best - sleeping!!

The pups have been busy over the last few days, but their moms have made some changes.  Both moms are sitting up now for nursing at least half of the time.  We have taken the divider out of the room so both dams are free to roam around.  Although they do not get into each others' boxes, they do stick their heads into them.   Chex and Scoop spend more and more time out of the box and are really enjoying the company.  Today my cousin Mariella and my friend Debbie came and spent a lot of time with the pups.   They seemed to really enjoy the attention!

With the weekend upon us and I suspect they will have a lot more loving over the next few days.   I have put up some new photos in the week 2 section for both litters.   Enjoy!!

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