Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

The Disney litter are all in their new homes.  Vicki and Bob, our co-breeders, are driving south to visit family for the holidays.  I've submitted all the paperwork, cleaned toys and equipment, and organized all the puppy gear in preparation for a short winter's nap and so my dogs can get some training when the snow arrives.

I've finally uploaded the photos and videos from the last few weeks, including the Puppy Walk, Going Home photos, day-to-day activities and a very special trip some of the pups took.

Before they went home, we took two pups to Newtown, CT to offer some puppy love to the families, friends and first responders involved with the Sandy Hook tragedy.  Miss Green and Miss Lavender accompanied Una and did an amazing job loving all the people they met during our visit.  Whether it was healing or simply a moment of joy in the midst of such sadness, it was striking to see how these puppies changed the atmosphere in the town.  We were honored to hold their leashes.

After that, we scrambled to get the pups ready to go home.  Gathering and organizing the many gifts the new owners received, along with the more serious stuff like the hefty 3" binder I send home with each pup, took us a few days and nights.  We did the final days of training--crate training, sit and down, some leash breaking, Sherpa training for the pups that were flying, toe nails, baths and of course, woods walks.  Whew, it was a busy week.

But we made it through and congratulate the new owners of the Disney litter!  What fabulous pups they turned out to be.  Three went to present Gaylan's owners and three pups brought new friends into the family. 

  • Miss Raspberry is now Gaylan's Bird and the Hound, "Brier." She is heading to Chicago (Barrington), IL where she will live and hunt with the Koertners and Shafer from the Wine litter.

  • Miss Pink is now Gaylan's Moon-Spinners, "Hayley." Lucky Hayley is staying with her mom, Ivy and Vicki and Bob. They are on their way back to Southern CA after vacationing in GA/FL to recover from the litter.

  • Miss Lavender is now Gaylan's Just Around the River Bend, "Willow." Willow headed to MA with the Conners where she will do pet-assisted therapy and possibly some other activities.

  • Miss Yellow is now Gaylan's Gonna Be a Wild Ride, "Thrill."  She moved to CT with Chris and Mike Marinelli, Tux from the Fire litter, and their other dogs. Thrill will be doing field and agility with Chris.

  • Miss Green is now Gaylan's Gotta Kick It Up!, "Kix." Kix will be living in PA with Dianne Posteraro.  They will be doing obedience and tracking.

  • Finally, Mr Blue will be known as "Scout," Gaylan's Rescuers Down Under. Scout is off to Northern California with the Delmenicos to become a Search and Rescue dog in CARDA and possibly do agility and hunt tests.

Where did your favorite go?