Thursday, January 16, 2014

To Err Is Human - To Forgive Canine!

First, I know how much you all look forward to the puppy blog and I have been REALLY remiss in keeping up with the blog.   Please forgive me!  

Gaylan's Color Litter Enjoying The Tunnel
Gaylan's Time Mr. Green
Of course then I realized even if I could not find the time to tell you what was happening with the Time and Color litters, if I just uploaded the photos and videos you could see for yourself.  So they are uploading as I type.

You will notice that the sidebar has changed a bit.  The Color and Time litters now have one folder each containing all the photos/video sorted by date taken with the most recent showing on page 1.  This way you will not have to go in and out of folders, you can just scroll through the pages.

As far as the puppies themselves, in just a few words, they are all doing GREAT!!!

Enjoy the photos and I will try to write more soon.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Avidog's Adventure Box - Puppy Tested - Kid Approved!

Jake checking out Avidog's Adventure Box
Today was a day filled with visitors, including our friend Sandy Washburn, her daughter Samantha and grandson Jake. The Color pups sure had fun, but after Jake left there was a clear question - who had more fun, Jake or the puppies?  I think it was a tie.

The pups had a great time with their mini dog walk - a plank across two Fitpaws disks.  Nothing like a little wobble to the board - but it does not faze them in the least.  

Scoop has been wonderful with the visitors and Dart insists in joining in on the fun, jumping into the box, playing with the pups for a few minutes and then making sure she gets lots of attention.

There are tons of new Color photos up in the Week 5 folder - Enjoy!

Jake and Color Red

The Time litter continues to thrive.  They cannot see, hear, or control their body temperature yet.   For that matter, they cannot go to the bathroom without assistance from Page.  But they sure can find her to eat!  They can smell when she gets into the whelping box and once she has cleaned them she lies down and they are quick to latch on and nurse.  

We continue with biosensor and Early Scent Introduction.  Today's scent was evergreen - which had all the responses: intense interest, neutral reaction, and intense dislike.

Gaylan's Time Litter - 6 days old
It was quite warm in the room today, which you can tell by looking in the box - the pups are all spread out.   If they were piled together, like the picture above, it is likely because it is a bit chilly.   Our pups generally like the room between 72 and 75 degrees.   

Page and the Time Pups Napping

Page continues to be a wonderful mother, both nurturing  and protecting her pups.  Dart stuck her head in the other day and Page told her with just a look - "Back off" and Dart read it beautifully and left.   In another week or so I suspect Page will let the other dogs in the room.   If it takes longer, that's fine.   After all, they are Page's pups and it is her call.

There are lots more pictures in the Time Litter - Week One Folder - ENJOY!!!