Monday, December 30, 2013

Time Flies!

Page in Pre-Labor Christmas Day
So much has happened since the last blog post it is hard to know where to begin.  Of course Page made that decision easy, having her pups on December 26th.   Page's  temp dropped on Christmas morning, so she spent the entire day in the den with my family on her bed.   She clearly was uncomfortable, and eating was out of the question.   Around 7 pm her pre-labor started and she literally walked to the whelping box on her own - she decided since we would not let her have her babies in a hole she dug in the bushes, that the whelping box was the next best place.   Lise slept with her, and at 10:47 am on the 26th we saw her first hard contraction.  At 2:15 her water broke and the first pup showed up at 3:50 in the afternoon.  (Thank you, Page, for having them during the day!)

So I would like to introduce Gaylan's Time Litter in order of appearance:

Miss Red, born at 3:50 and weighing in at 1 pound 1 5/8 ounces.
Mr. Green was born at 4:39 and weighed in at 1 pound
Mr. Blue was born at 5:15 and weighed in at 15 7/8 ounces
Mr. Yellow was born at 5:35 and weighed in at 14 5/8 ounces
and lastly, Mr. Black was born at 6:05 and weighed in at 1 pound 2 ounces.

Gaylan's Time Litter on their birthday - 12-26-13

Page is being a wonderful mother and the pups are growing like weeds!    Today they had their second day of Early Neurological Stimulation (a/k/a/ biosensor) and Early Scent Introduction.  They spend their time like all pups at this age, nursing, sleeping and having their mom clean them.

The Color litter is over a month old and they are doing GREAT!!!  Scoop had a battle with mastitis, which is one reason why I have been remiss with the blog.   Keeping the breast compressed with heat, using cabbage and having the pups nurse was a 24-hour-a-day job for three days.  Alas, we lost the battle as the breast erupted and we had to bottle feed the pups… every four hours around the clock.   The good news has Scoop healed nicely, is off the meds that the pups could not have and is back with her babies.   Everyone around here is very happy.

While they were weaned Scoop lived at home with my husband Jim who dutifully took care of her compresses and medications.  The pups moved up to Lise's house in Huntington Station and never missed a beat.   One day was gorgeous, so we took them outside.

Color Yellow enjoying the great outdoors
Lise and The Color Litter during their first trip outside.
There are tons of photos and videos in the weeks 3 and 4 folders for the Color Litter as well as in the week one folder for the Time Litter.   


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Changing The Pen

Depending on the size of a litter, there's a time when the pups are a bit too big for the whelping box for the dam to be able to comfortably lie down, but it is too soon to move them to the pen.  That time arrived about four days ago for the Color litter, so we decided to bring out a pen that we could adjust.  We had never tried to divide the pen before, but we are trying to balance giving the puppies too much room with the need for Scoop to be comfortable.  So as you can see, we inserted a board over the floor, and put the giraffe in to watch over the pups. 

The pups are now walking quite well, so we made another adjustment and added a potty box, which they are doing very well with.  You will see lots of photos of the pups getting into the potty box for the first time.  

Scoop, is having some issues with mastitis, which is inflammation of breast tissue.  It has only affected one breast and has not limited her nursing, but she is in a fair amount of pain.   We are hoping she will get over it quickly, so if you would, send some healing thoughts her way.

When it is time to clean the pen I set up a sheepskin and let the pups nurse in the room.  As you can see, it is getting tight around the milk bar.  Afterwards they investigate things in the room, which is always fun to watch.  You'll see lots of pictures of their adventures, like the one below, in the photos and videos that I posted in the week 2 photos and video.

We will be moving the pups to Lise's house at the end of the week so we can be there when Page whelps her litter at the beginning of next week.    As though we were not busy - things are going to get busier in about a week!

Stay tuned ...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Eyes Have It!

Here are the Color pups trying to nurse today.   Scoop goes in to clean them and they frantically try to reach the milk - a few can reach, but most cannot.  It's Scoop's way of building their muscles - making them reach and stretch.  After cleanup, she lays down to let them nurse.    They are all growing, some a little faster than others.  You may notice in the video that my hand is supporting one of the pups.   That is for two reasons - it takes less energy for her to nurse and to stop the larger pups from knocking her off.  If you listen carefully you can hear how serious they are about their nursing.  Someone suggested that I put up a video of a nursing session set to the Rocky theme, because it really is a fight to the finish.  

Every time we have a litter there are certain milestones that take my breath away.  The opening of the pups' eyes is one of thoe times.   Even though I know they cannot see me, there is something about seeing the glimmer of light in their eyes that just makes my heart sing.  Over the past couple of days each of the pup's eyes have opened.  They are learning to walk and  starting to bark.  Scoop has been a really good mother!

This week we added a piece of tile for different footing in the box, which they love because it's cool.   We also began the toy swap, where every day we change up the toys that we put in the box, which we do for as long as the pups are with us.  We will be doing ESN and ESI for another five days.  So far their ESI scents have been eucalyptus, banana, lemon, grouse, apple, almond extract, leather, sheepskin, wood, pigeon and evergreen.  It is fabulous to and listen to and watch their little noses taking in the scents.

They are also walking like drunken sailors - taking a few wobbly steps and then flopping over.  But within the next few days I suspect they will be walking fairly well.   In another week their ears will be open and walking like champs!  

I uploaded a lots of new photos in the week two folder.   ENJOY! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

One Week Photos

The Color pups are nine days old - can you believe it?   I am having some technical difficulties with the photo-hosting site, so have not been able to upload photos for the last couple of days.   So I thought I would give you a close-up of each pup taken when they were a week old.  So here are the Color pups - girls first, of course!
Miss Black

Miss Green

Miss Pink

Miss Purple

Miss Red

Miss Yellow
And now the boys!

Mr. Blue

Mr. Brown
The pups have sure kept us busy.  We are cutting nails every three days and started adding things to the whelping box.  Of course, we have lots of snuggle time with each pup.  On Day 3 we started Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction, which will continue until day 16.   Many of you have heard of ENS, but perhaps have not heard of ESI.  We started doing ESI with our litters about eight years ago and have seen some pretty impressive results in the adult dogs.  It's quite simple to do - you present different objects for the pups to smell for 3-5 seconds.  With our pups we include game birds, such as pheasant and duck.   At a recent Avidog seminar one of the participants brought us a grouse wing, which got eight paws up but he Color litter!  

Other kinds of items we present are natural materials such as dirt, wood, leaves, grass and moss.  We avoid foods, but will use fruit.  Lastly we will present household objects made of plastic, leather and metal. It is amazing to see pups as young as 3 and 4 days old show very clear likes and dislikes!

Gayle has done a webinar for the AKC about ESI, which is due out by the end of the year.   If you want to be notified when it is released drop me a note at

Stay tuned as I hope to have the photos up on the sharing site soon.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Remembering A Special Man

Our blog today is dedicated to Jim Lovell, a friend who was tragically killed in a train derailment in NYC on December 1st.  Professionally Jim was a video, lighting, sound and production expert.  He worked on many special projects, including the Today Show concert series.  

Jim's wife Nancy worked for Gayle for a number of years, helping raise our puppies.  Jim and their dog Scout would regularly join Nancy on woods walks with all the dogs.   He loved to visit the puppies, too, and took his socialization job very seriously :--).

When we started our online dog business, Avidog, Jim was one of our biggest supporters!  He spent hours talking with us about how video could be used to enhance our courses.  He developed a video strategy that we are implementing today.  He introduced us to fabulous videographers, managing our connections and their efforts.  Throughout it all, Jim would not take any compensation. 

He always had a smile on his face and a kind word.   He was a gentle, smart, generous, loving man who lived for his family and helping others.   If you wanted to see Jim light up, ask him about his kids.   He was very involved in their lives and was so proud of them.  Words cannot express how much we will miss him.

Jim loved Gaylan's puppies.  We are so sad that he never got to meet the Color litter because  we know he would have loved them, too.  Godspeed, Jim. You were a very special person!

The Lovell Family
Jack, Jim, Finn, Nancy and Hudson

Speaking of puppies, the Color pups are growing like weeds!  I've posted more photos in the Week One folder. Our families and friends have left after a terrific Thanksgiving weekend so things will be a bit quieter around here. The puppies got lots of handling, and Scoop was terrific about all the people interacting with them.   Scoop has started spending some time out of the whelping box, so you will notice that the tent over the box is gone.  If she is feeling like she can leave them, then she no longer needs the "den."

In the next blog post I will tell you some of the things we are doing with the pups at this point.   But it's late, so I will say good night for now.

Enjoy the latest pictures!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Wonderful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day here in Lido Beach - a whelping box filled with beautiful, healthy puppies, a dam (Scoop) who is really wonderful with her pups and a house full of family.  In addition to Lise and my mom and dad, who live on Long Island, I had family who travelled from Houston and Galveston, Texas; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Salt Lake City Utah, as well as some of their friends who live in New York City.  There were 21 of us in all.  

Here's what the pups did on Thanksgiving!   Kind of looks like the rest of my family sacked out after dinner!

My family could not believe that we have someone in the room 24 hours a day for the first week or so.  Of course they asked why, and you might be wondering, too.  So here's the scoop (no pun intended).  
Gaylan's Color Litter at four days old
When the pups are born they are not able to walk.  They can crawl on their bellies, but often circle rather than travel in a straight line.  That lack of ability to move creates a problem when Scoop goes to lie down.  As careful as she is, there is always the possibility that she could lay on a puppy and not realize that she has done it, and the pups are not able to get out from under her.  The result could end up in a puppy suffocating.   It does not happen often, but it does happen.   So until the pups are big and strong enough to get out from under Scoop, we are there to make sure nothing happens.   That said, though, it does not mean we are always moving them in the box.  Even at this young age, we let our pups solve their own problems unless they are at risk or the effort to get somewhere will not be worth the calories expended.  We like to see a weight gain at the twice-daily weigh-ins, so there are times we will help out the little ones.  The good news is, the pups are growing like weeds!  They are really getting around well. 
Scoop and Miss Green

In addition to family members coming to visit, they had some very special visitors on Friday - Rosie Higdon from VA and Connie Watkins from NC were here visiting Gayle and Andy for Thanksgiving and they came with Gayle to visit the pups.  In the pictures you will see a great toy that Gayle brought for the pups, too!

I've added more  pictures and video to the week one folder - enjoy!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

They're Here!!

Yesterday Scoop delivered the Color Litter in under three hours.   We really emphasize keeping our dams fit at our Avidog seminars, and let me tell you, Scoop showed us why.   The delivery was uneventful - well if you can call seeing eight beautiful golden puppies coming into the world uneventful!   She is such a wonderful mother, and is taking great care of her pups!

Today we took the gang to see Dr. Cummins for a checkup and they all passed with flying colors.  

In birth order, let me introduce Gaylan's Color Litter:

Miss Yellow arrived at 10:14 and weighed 13 3/8 oz
Miss Purple arrived at 10:51 and weighed 14 3/4 oz
Miss Pink arrived at 11:22 and weighed 13 1/4 oz
Miss Black arrived at 11:36 and weighed 16 5/8 oz
Miss Green arrived at 11:50 and weighed 14 oz
Mr. Blue arrived at 12:22 and weighed 16 1/4 oz
Miss Red arrived at 12:28 and weighed 12 oz
Mr. Brown brought up the rear arriving at 12:53 and weighing 13 3/4 oz

We thank Helen Lackey of Quinleighblu Golden Retrievers for sharing her wonderful boy Keegan with us.   We think he and Scoop had some lovely puppies.   We are looking forward to the next 8.5 weeks that they will spend with us before they go to their new homes.  Be sure to check back often as we share with you what we do with them to bring out the very best in each puppy!

Be sure to check out the week one photos and videos that are up in Smugmug.  The link is just to the right of this post.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gaylan's Color Litter is Coming!

Scoop's due date is coming and as you can see, she is getting pretty big.  Listening with our Doppler confirmed the ultrasound count of 7-8 puppies.  Yippee!!  She is decidedly uncomfortable and isn't eating much these days.  

We are getting close enough to the pups' birth to start the Name Game.  This is when owners start brainstorming to find the right registered and call names for their pups.  Here is the note we sent to help them with this process:

"Scoop's owner, Marcy recently finalized her decision regarding the litter theme for Scoop's pending litter. It will be the Color litter. That means either the word 'color' or an actual color must be in your pup's registered name. 

"For those who have never registered a dog before, not to worry. You can call your pup anything you want. This name is the pup's 'call' name. 

"But your pup will also have a registered name that will tie it to our kennel, it's parents and it's siblings. This name is the registered name.  It will begin with 'Gaylan's' and then will follow the litter theme. Through that theme, golden lovers now and into the future will know your pup was sired by Keegan out of Scoop and is related to each of the other Color littermates. 

"Some people like to relate their pup's registered and call names. They might use the registered name Gaylan's Red Solo Cup and use the call name 'Fizz.'  Red solo cups are those red plastic cups often used to hold alcoholic beverages at ball games, etc. 

"Others want their pup's call name to be in the registered name. These folks might name their pup Gaylan's Colors of the Wind and use 'Windy' as the call name. 

"Finally, there are others who make no attempt to relate the two names. 

"All of these approaches are perfectly fine with me.  All I ask is that you come up with a registered name before you pick your pup up so I can ensure there are no conflicts since the AKC requires every dog to have a unique registered name. When you are down to one or two names, let me know and I'll reserve them for you."

If you have ideas about good registered names for our Color litter, post them in the comment section below!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Moving Toward a Cancer Breakthrough

I have long believed that golden retrievers inherit a genetic tendency toward the most common cancers that strike our breed--hemangiosarcoma, lymphosarcoma, mast-cell tumors and osteosarcoma. This belief has guided my breeding decisions for over a decade. Now some ground-breaking research is providing support for my efforts!

Two sets of researchers are making tremendous progress in helping us understand why so many goldens develop these serious, often untreatable cancers

  1. Hemangiosarcoma and Lymphosarcoma. Research by Drs. Jaime Modiano and Kersten Linblad-Toh indicate that inherited genetic risk factors account for as much as 50% of the risk for hemangiosarcoma and lymphosarcoma. Their next steps are to develop DNA tests that might enable us to develop strategies for risk assessment in individual dogs, as well as the potential to manage risk across the breed as a whole. In addition, their research has clarified how these cancers work and thus may enable the development of better treatments and therapies. 
  2. Lymphosarcoma. Drs. Jeffrey Bryan, Anne Avery and Heather Wilson-Robles are tackling B cell lymphoma in Goldens. Their efforts will enable us to identify goldens at risk for developing this disease, allowing early preventative treatments with diet and/or medication. In addition, since they are clarifying lymphoma's mechanism in goldens, their research should provide more targeted and thus more effective treatments for our dogs. 

Both of these research programs are being funded by the Golden Retriever Foundation so make a donation to the GRF to contribute to them.

Until DNA tests become available for these cancers, we will continue our present strategy of breeding cancer-free older dogs that have been raised as naturally as possible on raw diets with a minimal vaccine schedule. We will rear our puppies in an environment as free from chemicals as possible, on a raw diet and with a well-designed vaccine protocol that ensures protection with as few vaccines as is possible. We will encourage owners of all goldens to play their role in cancer avoidance through the diet they feed, chemicals they use, vaccines they give and spay/neuter decisions they make. In a breed where 1 in 6 dogs will get hemangiosarcoma and 1 in 8 will get lymphosarcoma, we must do all we can to reduce our goldens risks!

Exciting Pigmentary Uveitis (PU) Update

If you love golden retrievers, you are or should be aware of pigmentary uveitis or PU. PU is an inherited eye disease that is extremely prevalent in American and Canadian goldens. Since PU often progresses to cataracts and glaucoma, it causes blindness and such pain the dog's eyes much be removed. Clearly, it is a significant quality of life issue for golden retrievers and their owners.

Obviously, breeders want to breed away from PU but the challenge is that the average age that it becomes evident is 8 1⁄2 years, by which time many of the affected dogs have already produced puppies. We can wait till 9 or 10 to breed the boys but we can't wait that long to breed the girls so breeders have been in a quandary. The Golden Retriever Club of America is working closely with researchers to better understand this disease but progress has been slow because of how widespread the problem is and the difficulty of determining whether a dog will eventually develop the disease. Some dogs have developed their first symptoms as late as 14 years of age!

Dr Wendy Townsend, Purdue University, is one of the key PU researchers in the US and has been working diligently toward a genetic test for this disease by examining and collecting DNA from goldens throughout North America. Thus far, 47 Gaylan's Goldens have participated in this research and as a result, our family of dogs may provide a future research opportunity for Dr. Townsend. My sincerest thanks to the Gaylan's owners who have participated in this research!

The Wind Litter Birth Story

The nine puppies in the Wind litter were born on June 2, 2004. Their birth story is one of my favorites because it was a breeding and birthing for the record books. I would guess it had the most phone dollars spent on a breeding and most miles logged at birth of any of our litters! :-)

The Wind litter's story begins long before their birth. For 15 years, Andy and I had been planning a 2004 trip to Australia and New Zealand. We'd saved hundreds of thousands of air miles, spent years planning the trip, and made reservations for a time that we were sure would not conflict with my club's specialty show or the dogs' breeding cycles. Hah, so much for planning!!

As only Corey (LornaDoone Encore Encore UD SH MX MXJ WCX OD VCX CCA TT) can do, she came in season early, in fact, months early. As soon as she came in, I realized that she would need to be bred while we were in New Zealand. We couldn't call the trip off without a huge monetary loss so I canceled the breeding. Then my friends, Marcy and Lise volunteered to take Corey and manage her breeding while we were traveling. Since we were doing a natural breeding to another Gaylan's dog, I figured there wouldn't be a lot of challenges. You know, they could just put the dogs together and the dogs would do their "job."

Alas, nothing ever goes as planned, at least in dog breeding. My original choice of stud ended up being unable to consummate the mating but only after Marcy and Lise had dragged him and Corey to vets all over NY State. I was communicating with them through Internet cafes throughout western New Zealand but when we got to the eastern coast, we could not find on-line access so I sent the phone number of our hotel, beautiful Larnach Castle in Dunedin, NZ.

I'll never forget the manager quietly passing me a beautifully handwritten note telling me to call home in the midst of a formal dinner. I excused myself from dinner but had to stand two feet from the hotel clerk, discussing what to do about the breeding challenges Marcy and Lise were facing. I won't go into detail but will say that the poor young man's face was quite red when I gave him the phone back. I can't imagine the tale he told his friends after I left.

In the midst of the crisis, one of us thought of using Goose (MACH Gaylan's Born to Fly CD SH WCX OS VCX CCA) as an alternate sire. I had intended to breed Goose and Corey eventually but not until Goose had gotten his final health clearances. Lise had just had his hip and elbow x-rays done but we did not have the results back from the OFA. Dr Jim thought they looked good and Corey (and her entire litter) had OFA Excellent hips and normal elbows, we decided to go for it. In the end, Goose was quite happy to help us out and he and Corey got along famously. :-) Two weeks later we got word from the OFA that he too was OFA Excellent with clear elbows!

Nine weeks later, the Wind litter arrived right on time. Today these pups are nine years of age and are still amazing. At an age when many goldens are retiring, the Wind litter is still going strong. As with all litters, the second most wonderful thing that came from it, in addition to nine beautiful pups, are the friendships that have developed through these pups. They make me realize that these dogs make our live very rich in many, many ways.

Congratulations Are in Order!

Lots of Gaylan's owners have been out and about recently so we have some fun accomplishments to celebrate! Some dogs debuted in new events, others continued to succeed in other venues. Here are a few of the highlights!!

Old Gold! My own Corey, star of the Wind litter story, earned her AKC Utility Dog (UD) title one month shy of her 13th birthday. Corey loves any work, but especially obedience so she has had a great time pursuing her title. However, the month before this obedience trial, Corey was diagnosed with chronic renal failure so our time in the ring was limited.

100 UDX legs! John Runnels and Khay set the standard by earning their 100th UDX leg. Holy cow! Khay is OTCH Gaylan's Lady Omar Khayyam VCD2 UDX10 OGM RAE TD MXB MJB MFBT2B CAA ADHF CCA.

New Obedience Trial Champion! Terrie Leafstedt and Gibbs finished his OTCH making him OTCH GAYLAN'S S.P.ARKLER OF GOLD UDX2 OM4 ODHF

New Master Agility Champions! We had two dogs earn MACHs recently so congratulations to:

Mary Hilderbrandt and MACH Gaylan's Water Dancer of Emeline UD MH RN WCX VCX CCA ***

...and to Zoe Beatty and MACH Gaylan's Duck Creek Wild Turkey RN MXB MJS XF T2B2 ADHF CGC

Master National Qualifier! Jan Masica qualified for the 2013 Master National Retriever Championships with Gaylan's Lucky Four Leaf Clover VCD2 CDX RE TDX MH MX MXB MXJ MXF WCX CCA VCX CGC

AKC National Agility Championship Qualifiers! We've had a number of teams qualify for the next AKC NAC. Congratulations to them all! I'll put the list out next month!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Happiness Abounds!!

Last week was a busy week.  The Puppy Walk was on Saturday, structural evaluations and birds were on Sunday, and then the Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test was on Monday.   The day we do the APET is always a busy day, but we had two special guests from Canada, Deborah and Anthony Garland, who were Avidog's very first VIP guests.  We hope they enjoyed the experience as much as we enjoyed having them!   We also had a film crew there who captured it all on tape for Avidog.  

Pups resting and warming up after their swim on the Puppy Walk.

Then the matching starts.  Three things happen during this time.  New owners check their email every five minutes or excitedly answer their phones for the next two days, as they await news about which pup is coming home with them.   On our end, it is when Lise, Gayle and I look at each pup's strengths and weaknesses as well as the information we have from each of the new owners in order to make the best match so that the pups can thrive.  

Six of the seven pups have gone to their new homes.   Al and Irene were in Fort Worth, TX this weekend supplying the equipment for the 2013 IFCS Continental Championship of the Americas, so while Al makes his way home with the rig, Irene flew home so she can pick up both Peach and Pit tomorrow.

Mr. Blue now "Pit" says, "Hi, Mom and Dad!"
Below are six out of seven of the Max pups and their new owners.     So without further adieu, here they are:

The first pup to leave was Miss Purple, who has gone to Long Island with Mary and Stephen Paulich.   She will be known as Gaylan's Living Life To The Max, "Bliss."   Mary will be doing agility and field, and perhaps some obedience and tracking with her.

Mary, Bliss and Stephen

Miss Rust has gone to Georgia to live with Paula Duggan and Chester Sokolowski and their son Chaz.   She will be their second family dog, along with big brother Huggy Bear from the 4th of July litter.    She is now Gaylan's Maximum Georgia Peach,  "Peaches."    
Chester, Peaches and Paula

Miss Green went to Wisconsin to live with Dana and John Bourassa and is now Gaylan's Maximum Heart Of Gold, "Glori."  She has two sisters, Dana and John's other older golden Mysti and Journey, who, like Glori's mom Peach, is from the Ice Cream litter.  Dana plans on doing agility and perhaps a little obedience with her.
Dana, Glori and John

John Runnels made a one-day round trip from Baton Rouge, LA to pick up his new little girl Gaylan's Maxwell's Demon, "KT."  KT's big sister Khayenne, from the Derby litter, and John's wife Karen and their kids Emily and Erik were all very excited to meet the newest member of their family.  Well, maybe not Khay, but we know KT will steal her heart as she has everyone else's!   John plans to do obedience, agility and tracking with KT.
John and KT

Mr. Black has gone to Connecticut with the McCall family.   He will be their family dog as well as Brian's hunting companion.   He is now Gaylan's Maximum High Tide Sandy,  "Cody."
Sue, Brian, Cody and Tim

Miss Raspberry has moved to Pennsylvania to do agility and perhaps some field with Debbie Johnston.   Her name is Gaylan's TJ Maxxinista and Debbie is calling her Tommee, after her dad.
Debbie and Tommee
A big welcome to Debbie Johnston and the McCalls, the newest members of the Gaylan's family

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Puppy Walk Day!

We have been cleaning and organizing all morning in preparation for today's Puppy Walk!  If you can't join us, I just uploaded a dozen or so videos from this week in Week 7 folder.  You'll find them toward the end.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On Our Own Tonight

Marcy and Lise are back on Long Island so Peach, Andy and I are in charge of the Pits!  It was a gorgeous spring day so the pups got a walk this morning and spent the afternoon outside learning agility.  Peach and Corey played and played with them, taught them how to dig and showed them the tunnel and a-frame.  My mom and I learned how to use FaceTime so she could "visit" with the pups from NC.  What fun that was!  The pups were drawn to her voice and the phone so she got lots of "kisses" and a few nibbles.

Hopefully this video of Peach's a-frame lesson will come through.  Don't worry, by now the pups are very aware of heights and edges.  And of course, I was near at hand to spot anyone who might have gotten shoved off.

More tonight!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good News From Albany!!

Look At All Those Cars!!!

Today we took the Max litter up to the Upstate Veterinary Specialists in Albany for their eye and heart checks.   They not only aced their tests, but they had some great experiences watching the cars go by on the road, being examined by two different doctors in two different locations, pottying in the rain and then taking another two-plus-hour ride home.    

We're Coming!!
When we got home we took a woods walk with Peach, Grandma Chex and Aunt Scoop.It was the first time they all went together and everyone did very well.  

I am heading home for 24 hours to take care of some last-minute things for the house.   But before I head out tomorrow we are going to do some crate training, some puppy push-ups and a woods walk.   

Whew, tired just writing it - so I will say good night!

Oh yeah, the Week Seven folder is up and filled with photos!

The Max Pups in Cold Spring

It's 1:00 in the morning and I am heading off to bed after a long day with the pups, but I just realized that I have not written to the blog in a very long time.   We have been really busy here in Cold Spring.
The Max pups meet their first big log!

The pups are doing their woods walks, playing in their indoor play area, and learning how to climb on, over and through things.  They continue to do well with their potty training and all the crates are set up to start their crate training tomorrow.   

We also have a big day tomorrow with eye and heart exams in Latham, NY.   We love taking the pups to Upstate Veterinary Specialists because we get to see Dr. Aaron Wey - a heart doctor who truly LOVES puppies!!!   

So I am going to say good night, but wanted to let you know more pictures are in the six week folder and I will add week seven shortly.

Enjoy the photos - they are getting cuter by the day!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Finally The Great Outdoors!!

It has finally been warm enough to take the pups outside!!   At the height of the afternoon sun Lise, Jim and I took Peach and the seven pits out to the backyard for their first outdoor experience.   I was not sure how long they would last, but even it they were out for ten minutes, we thought it would be a great experience for them!   Well, never underestimate the power of da mama!   Those pups followed her all over the backyard, investigated the bushes, the grass, the hole that their mom wanted to give birth in as well as all the toys we brought outside.   An hour later they finally crashed and we brought them back in.  Today they had more visitors and they got to go out again.   They really love it outside!

Here is a shot of each puppy enjoying the great outdoors!

I have put up a lot of photos in the Week Six folder - enjoy!!
Mr. Black 
Mr. Blue

Miss Green

Miss Rust

Miss Red
Miss Raspberry

Miss Purple