Sunday, March 25, 2012

Canine Duplex

Both the Country Music and Heart litters have settled in nicely.   Chex and Scoop have been very accepting of the other being around their pups, so we divided Lise's very large den into two with an x-pen covered with sheets and moved Scoop into the other side of that room.  The girls' temperatures have returned to normal and all the pups are gaining weight nicely.

Our friend Goretta came to see the pups and we put her to work watching one of the litters while Lise ran some errands.   When the Comedy litter was born I told Goretta that watching pups at this age was like watching a beautiful fish tank.   Yesterday she begged to disagree - she was surprised at the constant up and down to do all the little things - watching a screaming pup who is not in danger figure out how to solve his problem - and of course saving the pup that accidentally was sat on, caring for the bitches, weighing the puppies, clipping nails. Having never done it before I think she was mentally tired, but fully mesmerized!

Yesterday was day CM biosensor day 3 and H biosensor day 1.   The scent of the day was tennis ball.   So fun to listen to them sucking in the scent.  

Helen Sherman and Phoebe are here today from New Jersey for a visit and Mary Paulich is coming for another "fix."   Lise just walked into the room with a big smile on her face and announced, "We are all caught up on laundry!"

Here is a picture of both litters while their mothers are outside.  The Heart litter is on the left, Country Music on the right.

More photos and video are up in the links - enjoy!!

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