Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Day In Their Lives

All the pups are thriving - sleeping, eating, being cleaned by their moms - sleeping, eating, being cleaned by their moms ... you get the picture.       There is not much to report at this point.  We really try to let the dams do their own thing without interfering too much.  Chex is sitting up to let the pups feed.   Visitors all want her to lie down for them to nurse.  I assure them that she knows best and to let her make the choice.   They are then all amazed at how the pups figure out how to latch on and feed.

Both dams are doing really well sharing the room.  We have taken down the sheets from the room divider so they can see each other and they often spend down time on each other's side.   If one dam gets too close for the comfort of the other dam, they simply step between the pups and the other girl.    Simply amazing to watch!!

When we post pictures here we will identify pups by the prefixes CM and H followed by Mister/Miss and their collar colors.   We did not use any of the same colors between the litters, but it will be easier for those of you who do not know which color is from which litter.
I have posted more photos/video on SmugMug.  Enjoy!

CM Miss Purple (above)
H Miss Rainbow and siblings (below)

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