Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting The Girls Ready

About a week before the pups are born we start taking the girls' temperatures three times a day to establish their average temperature.  When the bitch's temperature is below 99 for two consecutive readings we expect the pups within the next 24-36 hours.   

During that last week of the pregnancy we also shave the bitch's belly so we can use the fetal heart monitor with more accuracy and less mess.   It also makes it much easier for the pups to nurse without having the fight through the hair.

Chex started out Sunday looking like this:

Once she was shaved she looked like this.

I am convinced that Chex is aware of what is going on.   Scoop, on the other hand, being a maiden bitch, has no clue what is happening but is taking it all in stride.  It is interesting to watch her trying to hoist her body up on to things like the bed and the grooming table.   She was very good about letting me shave her and listen to all the heartbeats.    After it was all over they were both rewarded with a run on the beach.

Tomorrow we are heading north to visit with Gayle where the girls will enjoy a nice long run at her place.   The focus now is keeping both girls fit while feeding enough to have nice-sized pups without over feeding them so that the pups are so big they are difficult to deliver.   Life, even in dog breeding, is a balancing act. 

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sionag black said...

Cool! Love the pictures on the beach. So nice to see in March!!