Friday, March 2, 2012

Little Hellions

Well, the High litter has officially become the "little hellions" as of today! Their forays into the dining room have become adventures all over the first floor, whereever open doors may take them. Oh, how I long for a woods walk or two but the weather simply won't allow it yet. So, they've had about six hours out and about today, rampaging through our downstairs, investigating everything at top speed. I've taken a ton of video so check out what is new. Here are a few that were too big for Here is one about how we are able to do woods walks off leash with such young puppies. Here's another general fun video of the chaos here :-). The pups have started to trot in this video, which is a big step in their development. We are off to bed so enjoy the photos, etc! Gayle

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