Thursday, June 9, 2016

Where did the time go?

The Number Litter is 5 weeks old today and one thing I know for sure is I have fallen down on blogging!  So where do I begin?

The pups have moved downstairs to their play area and are truly rocking potty training.  We started in a small pen, but they are doing so well that they now have a fairly large indoor pay area that will grow in size over the next week.

The vacuum has been actively working right around the pen and we are making lots of noises for them, both with the ipod and in person.   They have had lots of visitors over the last few days, too.   So far here is the cutest one:

Makayla visiting the pups at 3.5 weeks

To say they love their food is an understatement.  They are eating a raw diet with the 3 supplements we feed all our dogs, ProBalance, Geneflora and Bravo Wild Salmon Oil.  As of today they are eating 7.5 pounds of food a day.   We are feeding them in lots of different locations.  Tonight we had each puppy eating individually while on a grooming table.   While they were eating we handled them like they were being stacked, lifting and moving legs, touching them all over.   They were wonderful about it!

Paige continues to be a good mom.  Here is a picture of the pups just after she stopped nursing and headed to the bench she uses to get out.  Oh, did I mention they have teeth?  The good thing is they don't have a lot of jaw strength yet, but that will change in the next week.

We have set up an outdoor area for them and Jim is building a ramp for them to use to access it through a dog door.  They have spent some time outside and love investigating things.  One of the things we have had outside for them to find is birds.  They really love them, as you can see.


In the next few days their following instinct is going to kick in, so we will be starting our woods walks.  The nice thing about summer litters is we will be able to get them into the pond, too!

So stay tuned ...   Oh yeah, lots more photos are up on the smugmug page!   You can access it in the upper section of the banner on the right.   Enjoy!