Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Final Days of the High litter and Country Music arrives!

The High litter is almost done with their evaluations--structure, hearts, eyes and bird test are all done and the temperament test is tomorrow.  The pups start going home on Saturday so all I have to do is decide who goes where.  Ahhhh...it always seems so hard the night before the test and then it falls in place after the test.  I'm practicing patience these days :-).

To keep things exciting, Scoop presented us with five boys and one girl today.  Not quite the numbers we expected but that's not unusual.  The pups and mom are doing great and we are excited about this wonderful combination of Goose and Scoop.  I won't see them for a few days but can't wait to meet them.  Marcy, Lise, Jim and Phoebe are doing a great job with them.

Andy and I are off to bed because tomorrow is a big day.  New photos are up under Week 7.  Enjoy!

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