Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Runs Ain't No Fun

Friday morning I was thinkng that this litter sure was going smoothly. Hah! I should never have even let that thought enter my head. First, there was Mr Brown's abscess Friday and Saturday. Then, today the pups woke up with diarrhea. Sorry to have a poop conversation on here but it is a fact of life with pups. Now we are ending the day with hot puppies and hot puppies are unhappy pups. All of the adult dogs and I are ensconced with the pups in the whelping room with the air conditioning on high and all cracks and crevices blocked. The pups have frozen 2-liter bottles in their pen with them so they can lean against them to cool off. The temperature in the room is finally coming down below 80 and the pups are quieting down.

On the positive side, all eyes are open and they are beginning to see us approach--Andy, their mom, the other dogs and me. They have really started playing with each other. I'd noticed a few pups doing this two days ago but it was very brief. I got some video of most of the gang up and about--making little grabs at each other and even some of the toys in the pen.

I've uploaded more videos and photos. The photos from today are pretty dark because I don't want to use flash. We are introducing light into the room so within a few days, we'll have lots of photos.

A Mr Brown Update. Mr Brown is having a good day. He doesn't like the banana-flavored antibiotic but I can get most of it down him. I'm giving him a yogurt-DynaPro-Phytomucil mixture I make to compensate for the loss of good bacteria in his gut. That he likes a lot :-). His neck, though daunting to look at, is clean and open so we are hoping to see healing start later this week.

Off to do more cleaning. There is nothing like pups with diarrhea to keep you tied to home for clean-up duty. Thankfully, they are active, nursing well and gaining wait so I don't think this is anything to worry about.

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