Wednesday, July 1, 2009

99.0 and Counting

Well, Risk's temperature dropped to 99.0 this morning. It bounced around quite a bit yesterday but she was out field training with us and it was hot and humid, so I wasn't surprised. We may have pups sooner than expected...or we may not. The girls are so unpredictable.

The whelping box is set up and I've got the aero-bed all ready to move into the whelping room. Risk, Andy and I spent some time hanging out in the box last night and she seemed fine with it. Actually, there wasn't much room because Corey, Una and Dreamer wanted to show that they could lie down in the box, too. It's just not big enough for the whole family but everyone having so much fun make Risk very comfortable in it. We'll do that nightly until the pups come just so she doesn't mind being in there. No doubt, she will still insist upon having her pups elsewhere--under a bush, in the closet, on my bed--but once I explain she simply cannot do that, I'm sure she'll be fine with the whelping box.

Risk is still going for walks with the dogs, swimming in the pool and making a valiant effort to catch the squirrels that are eating all the pigeons' food. She has slowed down and doesn't have her usual speed off the mark but she is her normal self. She is pretty big though nowhere near as large as her granddam, Flyer was when she had the West Point litter, all 15 of them!


Kathy said...

Aw, come on...why can't she have her pups on your bed?

Gaylan's Golden Retrievers said...

You should ask Pat Swallows about that :-).