Sunday, July 5, 2009

Quiet Night

Risk and the Patriots had a quiet first night together. Risk is a mother much like her grandmother, Flyer--calm, patient, attentive without being obsessive. She is learning to be careful of the pups when she moves around the box and lies down. She is cleaning them well and has lots of milk. Here is a shot of Mr Green nursing on his back, all four feet in the air. He's a pretty relaxed boy.

Risk is getting lots of sleep which enabled me to get a little sleep last night. The pups squeak, mew and even bark but they were generally quite happy last night. The weather certainly helped--the humidity is gone and the temperature was around 68. They cuddled up next to their mom and were as happy as could be.

Rosie is still here helping out, which is a real gift since I'm usually tied to the whelping room for days. I think Risk loves having both of us here--it hasn't been often in her life that this has happened.

Before I head back to the pups to get everyone weighed, etc., here are a few more photos: on the left, the entire happy family and on the right, a head shot of Miss Yellow.

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