Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good Day

Things are back under control so today was a good day. Mr Brown got a good report from Dr Jim. The wound is healing well and Mr B has started gaining weight again. He and Miss Raspberry are neck and neck but not far behind the rest of the gang, who are all at 3 pounds. They are plump and solid pups. When they are awake, they are quite active. Both Risk and I are quite grateful that they aren't awake that much :-).

Everyone's digestive tracts have calmed down so clean up requirements have slowed. Risk remains vigalent but can relax sometimes now. She is looking for more to do so we spent some time retrieving this evening. That made everyone happy.

Biosensor wrapped up yesterday. As the pups eyes and ears open, there is no need to add stress to their lives. A world full of sights and sounds is enough. We still have a few more days of scents to introduce but that will end soon, too. Guess I'd better get that duck back out tomorrow night.

New photos and videos are up. Enjoy!

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