Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not Today

Risk continues to progress toward whelping though not quickly. Yesterday, she had a few temps below 99 but then last night and today, her temp went back up. You can see the up-and-down progression she is making on the chart to the right. The 99 mark is indicated by the solid horizontal line. We want to see her temp at least twice below this line. Thus far, she is just teasing us but this is all very normal.

Risk did eat breakfast, though not enthusiastically, but she had no interest in lunch. She is looking pretty full of pups so there can't be much room for food in there. She is still enjoying her walks however and isn't showing any signs of nesting.

I have to remember to pull out Una's files, Risk's dam. If I recall correctly, Una did this same thing and it wasn't until her temp dropped nearly to 98 that things started happening.

So, for now, we wait (and rub her belly for her). I'll try to get a photo of Risk for tomorrow.

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