Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Couldn't Resist

I posted this earlier but it doesn't appear to have made it up so here I go again. My aplogies if it is a duplicate.

Wednesdays are very busy here so I wasn't going to post this morning but I couldn't resist. As Risk gets increasingly bored with hanging out in the whelping box, she politely asks me to stay with her while she feeds the pups first thing. I'm fine with that request because I can have my coffee, check my email and watch the Today show while the pups nurse. Today, I also wanted to make sure the Little Guys (Raz, Brown, Black) got more to eat than the Big Three (Blue, Green, Purple). So, the Big Guys went to the other side of the box so they had to find their way back to Mom while the little ones got themselves situated and filled up.

One by one the pups drank their fill and headed off to the corners of the whelping box to get some sleep. Well, everyone except for Miss Yellow. Apparently, breakfast inspires this little one so she was ready to play. I grabbed the camera and got some video and still shots of her at play. She rolled the ball, grabbed the toys and did everything she could think of to get her littermates to play, to no avail.

These clips give you an idea of how much the pups have developed--they are walking on all fours, they can poke and grab things with their mouths and they can wag their tails. They still can't hear well but that is coming. Last night there was someone singing on the TV and suddenly about half the pups started howling in their sleep. Sorry I couldn't get a video of that but the camera battery was being recharged. I hate it when that happens!

So, enjoy little Miss Yellow's play time. Dreamer was hanging over the box, wanted desperately to join in on the fun but restraining herself (maybe she is growing up). The rest of the gang was sleeping sweetly.

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