Sunday, July 12, 2009

One Week Old!

OK, I've been trying for two days to get this post on line. I'm pretty frustrated with Google at the moment but am posting it without the video. I'll get the video up somewhere else. Argh!

The 4th of July crew is now one week old. They have all doubled their birthweights and are up on all fours, though pretty rocky. We haven't seen any evidence of their eyes opening but expect to see that over the next few days. The eyes open gradually from the inside corner out. It's exciting when you see that first glint of the puppy within! Once open, pups' eyes continue to develop over the next two months. They are pretty far-sighted at first, looking much like Mr Magoo. Risk continues to be a fabulous mother. She now switches between nursing lying down and sitting up, depending upon how many pups are nursing at one time. She is keeping the pups spotless and is very relaxed with them. She does love having visitors though :-). Terri and Dave Leafsteadt flew up from NC to meet the pups, Risk and the rest of us. It was a fun, if short visit. I've uploaded more photos to the photo page, as well as some videos. Here is a video of Mr Purple's Biosensor experience last evening. Remember, we do Biosensor on the pups to strengthen their adrenal system and thus there ability to handle stress as adults. We also introduce novel scents to them at this age to strengthen their scenting ability at an early age.

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