Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 3--All is Well

Another quiet night here. Risk is proving to be one of the best dams we've ever had. I only had to teach her once about being careful getting in and out of the whelping box and she has it down. She is attentive to the pups although last night she did want to come down and join the family after dinner. I think she was getting bored and lonely so we all moved into the whelping room to watch a movie. Risk was much happier and Andy looked like he was having a good time, too.

All the pups have gained a little weight since birth but we should start seeing bigger gains now. All the umbilical cords have dried up and fallen off. Tails are starting to wag while nursing. Barks burst out of them occasionally but most of the time they are peaceful and quiet. I did see something I'd never seen before yesterday--Miss Sienna was scratching her ear with her hind leg. Although that is common for older dogs to do, I had never seen a two-day old puppy do such a thing. They are not very coordinated at this age so it was impressive. I'll try to catch it on tape if it happens again.

Corey, Una and Dreamer asked to come visit this morning. I've attached a photo of Corey at the door, asking permission. Of course, one-year old Dreamer didn't know what was in the room so just barged in. Once she got in, she realized that she was on thin ice. She stared with amazement then backed out of the room. Risk is watching them carefully but I suspect they will be helping out with the pups soon.

Here is a video of Risk and the pups from this morning.

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