Monday, December 30, 2013

Time Flies!

Page in Pre-Labor Christmas Day
So much has happened since the last blog post it is hard to know where to begin.  Of course Page made that decision easy, having her pups on December 26th.   Page's  temp dropped on Christmas morning, so she spent the entire day in the den with my family on her bed.   She clearly was uncomfortable, and eating was out of the question.   Around 7 pm her pre-labor started and she literally walked to the whelping box on her own - she decided since we would not let her have her babies in a hole she dug in the bushes, that the whelping box was the next best place.   Lise slept with her, and at 10:47 am on the 26th we saw her first hard contraction.  At 2:15 her water broke and the first pup showed up at 3:50 in the afternoon.  (Thank you, Page, for having them during the day!)

So I would like to introduce Gaylan's Time Litter in order of appearance:

Miss Red, born at 3:50 and weighing in at 1 pound 1 5/8 ounces.
Mr. Green was born at 4:39 and weighed in at 1 pound
Mr. Blue was born at 5:15 and weighed in at 15 7/8 ounces
Mr. Yellow was born at 5:35 and weighed in at 14 5/8 ounces
and lastly, Mr. Black was born at 6:05 and weighed in at 1 pound 2 ounces.

Gaylan's Time Litter on their birthday - 12-26-13

Page is being a wonderful mother and the pups are growing like weeds!    Today they had their second day of Early Neurological Stimulation (a/k/a/ biosensor) and Early Scent Introduction.  They spend their time like all pups at this age, nursing, sleeping and having their mom clean them.

The Color litter is over a month old and they are doing GREAT!!!  Scoop had a battle with mastitis, which is one reason why I have been remiss with the blog.   Keeping the breast compressed with heat, using cabbage and having the pups nurse was a 24-hour-a-day job for three days.  Alas, we lost the battle as the breast erupted and we had to bottle feed the pups… every four hours around the clock.   The good news has Scoop healed nicely, is off the meds that the pups could not have and is back with her babies.   Everyone around here is very happy.

While they were weaned Scoop lived at home with my husband Jim who dutifully took care of her compresses and medications.  The pups moved up to Lise's house in Huntington Station and never missed a beat.   One day was gorgeous, so we took them outside.

Color Yellow enjoying the great outdoors
Lise and The Color Litter during their first trip outside.
There are tons of photos and videos in the weeks 3 and 4 folders for the Color Litter as well as in the week one folder for the Time Litter.   


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