Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Remembering A Special Man

Our blog today is dedicated to Jim Lovell, a friend who was tragically killed in a train derailment in NYC on December 1st.  Professionally Jim was a video, lighting, sound and production expert.  He worked on many special projects, including the Today Show concert series.  

Jim's wife Nancy worked for Gayle for a number of years, helping raise our puppies.  Jim and their dog Scout would regularly join Nancy on woods walks with all the dogs.   He loved to visit the puppies, too, and took his socialization job very seriously :--).

When we started our online dog business, Avidog, Jim was one of our biggest supporters!  He spent hours talking with us about how video could be used to enhance our courses.  He developed a video strategy that we are implementing today.  He introduced us to fabulous videographers, managing our connections and their efforts.  Throughout it all, Jim would not take any compensation. 

He always had a smile on his face and a kind word.   He was a gentle, smart, generous, loving man who lived for his family and helping others.   If you wanted to see Jim light up, ask him about his kids.   He was very involved in their lives and was so proud of them.  Words cannot express how much we will miss him.

Jim loved Gaylan's puppies.  We are so sad that he never got to meet the Color litter because  we know he would have loved them, too.  Godspeed, Jim. You were a very special person!

The Lovell Family
Jack, Jim, Finn, Nancy and Hudson

Speaking of puppies, the Color pups are growing like weeds!  I've posted more photos in the Week One folder. Our families and friends have left after a terrific Thanksgiving weekend so things will be a bit quieter around here. The puppies got lots of handling, and Scoop was terrific about all the people interacting with them.   Scoop has started spending some time out of the whelping box, so you will notice that the tent over the box is gone.  If she is feeling like she can leave them, then she no longer needs the "den."

In the next blog post I will tell you some of the things we are doing with the pups at this point.   But it's late, so I will say good night for now.

Enjoy the latest pictures!

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