Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good News From Albany!!

Look At All Those Cars!!!

Today we took the Max litter up to the Upstate Veterinary Specialists in Albany for their eye and heart checks.   They not only aced their tests, but they had some great experiences watching the cars go by on the road, being examined by two different doctors in two different locations, pottying in the rain and then taking another two-plus-hour ride home.    

We're Coming!!
When we got home we took a woods walk with Peach, Grandma Chex and Aunt Scoop.It was the first time they all went together and everyone did very well.  

I am heading home for 24 hours to take care of some last-minute things for the house.   But before I head out tomorrow we are going to do some crate training, some puppy push-ups and a woods walk.   

Whew, tired just writing it - so I will say good night!

Oh yeah, the Week Seven folder is up and filled with photos!

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SHANESIA44 said...

Puppies very seem to feel at ease, well in the head. Congratulations for your work!