Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Wonderful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day here in Lido Beach - a whelping box filled with beautiful, healthy puppies, a dam (Scoop) who is really wonderful with her pups and a house full of family.  In addition to Lise and my mom and dad, who live on Long Island, I had family who travelled from Houston and Galveston, Texas; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Salt Lake City Utah, as well as some of their friends who live in New York City.  There were 21 of us in all.  

Here's what the pups did on Thanksgiving!   Kind of looks like the rest of my family sacked out after dinner!

My family could not believe that we have someone in the room 24 hours a day for the first week or so.  Of course they asked why, and you might be wondering, too.  So here's the scoop (no pun intended).  
Gaylan's Color Litter at four days old
When the pups are born they are not able to walk.  They can crawl on their bellies, but often circle rather than travel in a straight line.  That lack of ability to move creates a problem when Scoop goes to lie down.  As careful as she is, there is always the possibility that she could lay on a puppy and not realize that she has done it, and the pups are not able to get out from under her.  The result could end up in a puppy suffocating.   It does not happen often, but it does happen.   So until the pups are big and strong enough to get out from under Scoop, we are there to make sure nothing happens.   That said, though, it does not mean we are always moving them in the box.  Even at this young age, we let our pups solve their own problems unless they are at risk or the effort to get somewhere will not be worth the calories expended.  We like to see a weight gain at the twice-daily weigh-ins, so there are times we will help out the little ones.  The good news is, the pups are growing like weeds!  They are really getting around well. 
Scoop and Miss Green

In addition to family members coming to visit, they had some very special visitors on Friday - Rosie Higdon from VA and Connie Watkins from NC were here visiting Gayle and Andy for Thanksgiving and they came with Gayle to visit the pups.  In the pictures you will see a great toy that Gayle brought for the pups, too!

I've added more  pictures and video to the week one folder - enjoy!

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