Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On Our Own Tonight

Marcy and Lise are back on Long Island so Peach, Andy and I are in charge of the Pits!  It was a gorgeous spring day so the pups got a walk this morning and spent the afternoon outside learning agility.  Peach and Corey played and played with them, taught them how to dig and showed them the tunnel and a-frame.  My mom and I learned how to use FaceTime so she could "visit" with the pups from NC.  What fun that was!  The pups were drawn to her voice and the phone so she got lots of "kisses" and a few nibbles.

Hopefully this video of Peach's a-frame lesson will come through.  Don't worry, by now the pups are very aware of heights and edges.  And of course, I was near at hand to spot anyone who might have gotten shoved off.

More tonight!

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Constance Watkins said...

Loved having such a fun time watching the pups playing in the agility field on 'Face Time'!!! Thank you are the best!!!!