Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Eyes Have It!

Here are the Color pups trying to nurse today.   Scoop goes in to clean them and they frantically try to reach the milk - a few can reach, but most cannot.  It's Scoop's way of building their muscles - making them reach and stretch.  After cleanup, she lays down to let them nurse.    They are all growing, some a little faster than others.  You may notice in the video that my hand is supporting one of the pups.   That is for two reasons - it takes less energy for her to nurse and to stop the larger pups from knocking her off.  If you listen carefully you can hear how serious they are about their nursing.  Someone suggested that I put up a video of a nursing session set to the Rocky theme, because it really is a fight to the finish.  

Every time we have a litter there are certain milestones that take my breath away.  The opening of the pups' eyes is one of thoe times.   Even though I know they cannot see me, there is something about seeing the glimmer of light in their eyes that just makes my heart sing.  Over the past couple of days each of the pup's eyes have opened.  They are learning to walk and  starting to bark.  Scoop has been a really good mother!

This week we added a piece of tile for different footing in the box, which they love because it's cool.   We also began the toy swap, where every day we change up the toys that we put in the box, which we do for as long as the pups are with us.  We will be doing ESN and ESI for another five days.  So far their ESI scents have been eucalyptus, banana, lemon, grouse, apple, almond extract, leather, sheepskin, wood, pigeon and evergreen.  It is fabulous to and listen to and watch their little noses taking in the scents.

They are also walking like drunken sailors - taking a few wobbly steps and then flopping over.  But within the next few days I suspect they will be walking fairly well.   In another week their ears will be open and walking like champs!  

I uploaded a lots of new photos in the week two folder.   ENJOY! 

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