Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Changing The Pen

Depending on the size of a litter, there's a time when the pups are a bit too big for the whelping box for the dam to be able to comfortably lie down, but it is too soon to move them to the pen.  That time arrived about four days ago for the Color litter, so we decided to bring out a pen that we could adjust.  We had never tried to divide the pen before, but we are trying to balance giving the puppies too much room with the need for Scoop to be comfortable.  So as you can see, we inserted a board over the floor, and put the giraffe in to watch over the pups. 

The pups are now walking quite well, so we made another adjustment and added a potty box, which they are doing very well with.  You will see lots of photos of the pups getting into the potty box for the first time.  

Scoop, is having some issues with mastitis, which is inflammation of breast tissue.  It has only affected one breast and has not limited her nursing, but she is in a fair amount of pain.   We are hoping she will get over it quickly, so if you would, send some healing thoughts her way.

When it is time to clean the pen I set up a sheepskin and let the pups nurse in the room.  As you can see, it is getting tight around the milk bar.  Afterwards they investigate things in the room, which is always fun to watch.  You'll see lots of pictures of their adventures, like the one below, in the photos and videos that I posted in the week 2 photos and video.

We will be moving the pups to Lise's house at the end of the week so we can be there when Page whelps her litter at the beginning of next week.    As though we were not busy - things are going to get busier in about a week!

Stay tuned ...

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