Monday, June 10, 2013

Congratulations Are in Order!

Lots of Gaylan's owners have been out and about recently so we have some fun accomplishments to celebrate! Some dogs debuted in new events, others continued to succeed in other venues. Here are a few of the highlights!!

Old Gold! My own Corey, star of the Wind litter story, earned her AKC Utility Dog (UD) title one month shy of her 13th birthday. Corey loves any work, but especially obedience so she has had a great time pursuing her title. However, the month before this obedience trial, Corey was diagnosed with chronic renal failure so our time in the ring was limited.

100 UDX legs! John Runnels and Khay set the standard by earning their 100th UDX leg. Holy cow! Khay is OTCH Gaylan's Lady Omar Khayyam VCD2 UDX10 OGM RAE TD MXB MJB MFBT2B CAA ADHF CCA.

New Obedience Trial Champion! Terrie Leafstedt and Gibbs finished his OTCH making him OTCH GAYLAN'S S.P.ARKLER OF GOLD UDX2 OM4 ODHF

New Master Agility Champions! We had two dogs earn MACHs recently so congratulations to:

Mary Hilderbrandt and MACH Gaylan's Water Dancer of Emeline UD MH RN WCX VCX CCA ***

...and to Zoe Beatty and MACH Gaylan's Duck Creek Wild Turkey RN MXB MJS XF T2B2 ADHF CGC

Master National Qualifier! Jan Masica qualified for the 2013 Master National Retriever Championships with Gaylan's Lucky Four Leaf Clover VCD2 CDX RE TDX MH MX MXB MXJ MXF WCX CCA VCX CGC

AKC National Agility Championship Qualifiers! We've had a number of teams qualify for the next AKC NAC. Congratulations to them all! I'll put the list out next month!

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