Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The pups' new boxes!

The pups are growing like weeds - many are over 3 pounds.   All their eyes are open and their ears are starting to open.  We have graduated from the small whelping box into two larger boxes.  The dams are enjoying the boxes since there is a bit more room and it is cooler for them.   We have had quite a few visitors.  Today my friend Tricia and her daughter Alyssa stopped by and were simply mesmerized by all of the pups.   It is amazing how much time can be spent watching, holding and loving them.    Chex and Scoop have gotten in each others' boxes, but they do not clean or nurse each others' pups.   It is really interesting.   They are also allowing all the other dogs into the room, so life is a bit more normal for them.

It has been really hectic here and my computer has been having issues, so I apologize for not getting photos from the last three days up.   The darker more blurry photos were taken with no flash, so I apologize.   i thought something was better than nothing.   I am uploading them now, so enjoy!

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