Saturday, April 21, 2012

And Away They Go ...

And I am not just talking about the puppies.   It was an early morning as we headed to the airport to drop off Lise and Gayle who are off on one of Gayle's infamous stud dog trips.   They are down in Oklahoma meeting  NDC NMFR RockErin Red River Ruckus *** OS "Red," who is Striker's father and also the sire for Ivy's upcoming litter.   While they are there they will be visiting with Vicky Schmidt and Remy (from the Game Bird litter).

Lemme Bite Your Nose!!

Hugo Playing With Mr. Green

Ayla Holding Four Pups At Once   
(Sorry if I misspelled your name!)
Back at the ranch, so to speak, today was a day filled with visitors for the pups.   It was a beautiful day and the pups had a blast outside again.  There was one perosn missing, though, and that was Hugo and Ayla's brother Miles.  Mr. Red was wondering where his favorite admirer was!!!   Our last visitor, Mary Paulich, helped us put them back inside.  Once inside they crashed in their pen from all the fresh air and interaction.     Again, I have put up lots of photos in the Week 5 section, so enjoy!

Speaking of enjoyment, Jim and I got to have dinner with Al Lamphere, who owns Scoop's sister Peach.   He is on Long Island for an agility trial and we worked it out so that we could get together for dinner.  Good food - GREAT company!!!   When we got home we found the pups fast asleep in their pen - not an accident to be found.  What good puppies!!!

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