Sunday, April 29, 2012

The First Few Days

Suffice it to say, things have been very busy around here.   The pups are fully enjoying their play yard!    They have had two walks already.  For those who have been here,  the first walk was down toward the stream and the other almost to the rock bridge.  We did not go further because we did not want them to get wet as it was quite windy here today.   As five-plus-week-old pups, they did quite well.

Right now the pups are doing quite a bit of screaming - they are just learning that they are causing it to happen.   One pup bites another pup's ear - the one being bitten screams and the one biting has no idea s/he is causing the noise.    Ahh, the beginning of bite inhibition!

We had a few visitors this weekend who enjoyed watching the pups go through their antics.  It really is hard to believe how much time one can spend with the pups - they are just delicious!   Below is a photo of their outdoor play yard and a couple of candids.    There are hundreds of new photos up on the 6-week site.   Enjoy!! 

Miss Rainbow Grabbing Her Tail.

Unidentified Cuteness!

Mr. Blue Practicing The Bottle Return 


Vicki Dury said...

Thanks for posting all the 'delicious' pictures! Those smart pups figured out the puppy door in no time. Having Glee in the pictures reminds us how quick they grow/change; great perspective! (she is so cute :)

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