Friday, April 13, 2012

A New Day - New Digs!

Yesterday we moved the pups from the two whelping boxes into an x-pen.   All the pups were quite mobile and it was time to introduce the potty area.  As you can see from the below photo of the girls in one whelping box, both girls are happy nursing the pups in the same area, and they do not care whose pups they are nursing.

This is what the x-pen looks like, with the potty area on the right.  As you can see, there is a bench for the dams to get in and out at will.  You will see there is quite a bit of space, but that is only when we are in the box with them.  Otherwise we keep it really tight to get success with the potty box.

After the last two days we can say that the pups have been exposed to kids!   Visiting were Michelle's grandkids Zack and Alexa (notice the "heart" shirt that Alexa was wearing!) my friend Tricia's daughters Abby and Emma, my friend Barbara with her granddaughter Sydney; my friend Keri with her mom and three kids, Connie, Maria and Rosie; my friend Mary with her sister-in-law and her two older boys and daughter Sophia.

Michelle, Zack and Alexa


The whole gang including Sydney, Sophia, Maria, Connie and Rosie!!

Chex and Scoop have been wonderful with all the visitors and the pups are getting lots of socialization!!   I have taken lots of pictures and video and am in the process of uploading them now.   All pictures and video from now on will be in the section entitled "Country Music and Heart Litters."   The newest batch will be under "Photos/Video - Week 4"  
Now that the media will be of all the pups, here is a reminder of which pups are from which litters:  
Country Music - Yellow, Blue, Brown, Purple, Red and Green
Heart - Pink, Black, Cream (formerly Rust), Rainbow, Plum, Teal and Olive

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