Friday, April 6, 2012


If the pups could talk, I think each of them would have said "Bazinga" tonight during biosensor. Duck was the scent du jour.   Nothing warms my heart more than watching the genes turn on when presented with the scent of gamebirds.   Each of the pups took deep breaths of the mallard.  When I started to pull the bird away they followed with their noses.  So cool!!

Today was a great day filled with lots of visitors.   There is an agility trial about 20 minutes from here, so Phoebe, Helen, Stephanie and Sandy stopped by on the way to the trial.  My friends Lisa and Tricia also stopped by.   I had to check Tricia's pockets before she left to be sure that Mr. Teal did not accidentally fall in.   Cindy stopped by and Chex and Scoop were so excited to see her!!!   After spending a week with her while we were in Utah, she clearly has become one of their favorites.

I have uploaded lots of photos and video from the last two days.  They are really starting to become little dogs, starting to initiate play with each other and barking.   The next week will be one of watching them start to take the world in now that they can see and hear.  We will be adding age-appropriate things to their boxes for them to explore.   It is one of my favorite times!   Enjoy the video and pictures.

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Chris Zink said...

Wow! Talk about puppy socialization!!!