Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Great Weekend!!!

The pups had a great weekend, with lots of new toys added to their pen.  They all love to interact with each other and the new toys.   Just like new babies, they put everything in their mouths, including their littermates' mouths, legs, tails, etc.   Their teeth have come in, though not fully.   We enlarged the potty box because when they have to go it is usually all around the same time and there was not enough room in the other box.  We got about 80% success today with the box - good puppies!!!!   Truly amazing to watch pups in the middle of play or nursing walk away, get in the box, do their business and then get back to the group.    All it takes is setting the box up in a way to get the behavior.

As you can see, the pups were not the only cute things in the box this weekend!
This is my friend's granddaughter Emily holding Miss Pink.    

Here is Miss Black checking out the new rotating flower!

Tomorrow if it is nice enough we will take them outside for their first experience.  Check out the Country Music-Heart - Week 4 for new photos and video.

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