Monday, April 9, 2012

Bio-Sensor - Check!!

Today was the last day of Bio-Sensor for the litters.   The novel scents we used were tennis ball, banana, vanilla, pineapple, evergreen, lemon, parmesean cheese, wool, metal article, coconut oil, pheasant, vibernum, duck, roast chicken, leather and coffee grinds.  Clearly a wide variety of scents with as equally wide variety of reactions.  There is no reason that we pick a certain scent, except of course, the bird scent.   The whole idea is to grow the brain!

All the pups are well over 3 pounds with a few over four pounds.   They are playing more and more, and really learning to walk well.  Of course, pictures and video are worth more than a thousand words.   I have uploaded more to the 3-week sites.   Rather than create a week-four site for each litter I will be merging them together, as it is hard to keep them straight! 

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