Thursday, December 21, 2006


I only have a minute tonight. It's been a long day and I'm off to bed. But I wanted to give a quick update on the pups. They had quite a day today with lots of visitors and some extended time without Mom who was out playing agility. That's an eventful day for baby puppies.

It was an eventful day for Miss Una, too. She has been enjoying doing a little work each day but hasn't done much agility. Today she got to run a course however and she was clearly very happy to do so. We set the jumps at either 16" or 20" so it wasn't too demanding. She ran beautifully and I had a pretty darn good time, too.

The pups got cuddled, photographed, kissed, played with and generally spoiled by all who stopped by today. From my count, they've already met more than 30 people in their three weeks. They take it all in stride, of course :-).

They'll be moving to the xpen tomorrow so it will be a big day. Photos later.

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Lisa said...

Thank you for the update! Again, wish I was close enough to visit!