Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Eyes Have It

I'm back from Kansas but it's late so I'll just give a quick update. Andy, the girls and the pups did great in my absence. All of the pups continue to grow--Mr Red is just about 2 pounds and Mr Green hit 3 pounds this afternoon. But the big excitement is that Miss Pink's eyes are open and everyone else's should be tomorrow. They can't see much initially but it's great to see those cute little puppy eyes looking back at you. We won't have photos for a few days until their eyese are ready to handle the light but they'll have some up as soon as possible.

I'm off to do Bio-sensor and hit the hay!


Lisa said...

How exciting!!!!!!! They will all be looking around for Santa in another few days or so. What are the latest scents they are exposed to? The Bio Sensor work is fascinating. Well...back to holiday projects.

Gaylan's Golden Retrievers said...

In addition to tonight's duck, the pups have smelled cedar, lemon, lime and dirt in the last few days.