Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Leave It to Una

I've been starting to worry about how fast the gang was growing. There isn't a lot one can do to limit nursing of puppies this age since Mom represents food, warmth and cleanliness. I had stopped encouraging Una to spend all day every day with the pups but I didn't want to do any more. So they continued to grow by leaps and bounds, surpassing the maximum of where we want our pups to be at this age.

But I shouldn't have worried. Una solved the problem over the last few days but starting to nurse standing up. Not only are the pups struggling to reach the milk bar but they are expending a lot more energy getting their meals now. They can barely reach even when standing on their tip toes. They look like a circus troop trying to balance on their hind legs, twirling around with the nipple in their mouths. It's pretty funny to watch but hard work for them. I'm continuing the private nursing sessions for Mr Red so he is actually gaining on the Big Four. They are holding at just over 4 pounds and he is closing in on 3 1/2 pounds.

I've been checking for signs that they can hear and today was the first sign that those ears are starting to work. They actually roused from sleep when I came in to say "Hi!" Of course, with hearing comes barking but it will be worth it.

They are getting cuter by the day and are awake for longer periods. They are playing with each other and the toys for short periods many times a day. They put up quite a stink yesterday when I clipped their toenails so they are becoming real puppies.

We'll probably move them to the exercise pen sometime this week. That's always a fun day as we watch them explore a new home. We also introduce the potty at the same time. Una and Corey are doing a great job keeping them clean but I want the pups to have an option if their mom and aunt's are not around.

I have to think of some good Christmas photo ops for the pups. Anyone have any suggestions? It's so rare that we have Christmas puppies that I figure this one hast to last for years of Christmas cards.

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