Thursday, December 28, 2006

Big Kids

The pups have now been in the puppy pen for over a day and you'd think they'd been born there. They are having a wonderful time playing with the toys, trying to convince the big dogs to play with them, climbing under and over various objects and, of course, sleeping. They are awake longer and longer but that still means they sleep 22 of 24 hours a day. They are getting the hang of the litter boxes--the girls are using it 80% of the time and the boys about 30%. Oh well, they'll all get it sooner or later.

The pups are having daily visitors. Today it was Phoebe (Bette's 'mom'), as well as Dune from the Wind litter and his housemate, Sam. Both boys have been very interested in the pups but both Una and Corey have made it clear that they can look but not touch. The pups are enjoying all the attention from humans and canines.

They will get their first bones tomorrow. I fed Una in the pen yesterday and two of the pups dove into her bowl so they are getting ready to eat. But first, they need to increase their jaw strength. So, we'll start with itty-bitty marrow bones and work our way up to real food. We hope to make it one more week before giving them their first meal but we'll see how Una is doing. She is staying in decent condition, a little thin but not gaunt. She has tons of energy even though she is nursing a lot.

We found a wine crate so we'll get some photos of the kids this weekend when Rosie is here. We've gotten some Christmas photos but have more to take now that they are "big kids."

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