Monday, December 11, 2006

Andy is in charge

I left the pups early afternoon today to head off on a business trip to Kansas. Andy is holding down the fort and from our conversation tonight, all is well. He's weighed everyone and done their Bio-sensor exercises. He's given Mr Red a private nursing session as we try to catch him up to his larger brothers and sisters. So, all is well at home although I already miss them all.

As some of you know, I am an eager student of pack relations. Many years ago, I was an ethology undergraduate, studying animal behavior. Today, I have my own on-going research program in my house. Perfect! I am fascinated watching the older dogs and their interactions relative to the puppies. Una is definitely in charge. She has allowed Corey to assist in cleaning but she decides how much Corey is allowed to do. She'll suddenly decide that enough is enough and Corey politely, if reluctantly, moves away. Corey is allowed in the whelping box but only if she is going in to get a stuffed animal. She isn't supposed to touch a puppy while she is in there. Now, mind you, Corey is insane for the puppies so it may be her over-enthusiasm that makes Una cautious.

I say this because Flyer is allowed to do anything with the pups, most likely because she has no real interest in interacting with them. Occasionally she will come over and check out a puppy but she can only be described as disinterested. She's come over a few times but generally would rather be outside walking or chasing the ball than hanging out with puppies.

We encourage all of our adults to interact appropriately with the puppies. I am fascinated watching the puppies sniff each dog and believe this expands their world. If they can recognize three dogs and two people before their eyes open, I'm thrilled. They definitely know who has working faucets and who doesn't!

I'll be back in NY on Thursday so it may be quiet between now and then.

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Lisa said...

Way to go Andy! I barely let Steve take the dogs for a walk around the block without supervision. Just kidding! Glad to hear the puppies are developing so nicely, especially Mr. Red. He must have Santa on his side.