Friday, December 15, 2006

Fourteen Days

The pups are 14 days old this evening. Hard to believe that it's only been two weeks since they arrived. Puppies grow and develop so quickly that the time really does fly. Of course, that explains why we are so busy trying to capture each critical moment.

Eyes are all open, if a bit myopic. The pups are also up on all fours although they are pretty wobbly. In fact, the pups started playing today. The first efforts are wonderful to see. They'll go to grab the ear of a fellow puppy, they'll miss and forget what they are doing, promptly going to sleep. Mr Red was taking on Mr Green this afternoon. Talk about David and Goliath :-).

New photos are up at They aren't the best but you'll get an idea of how big they are. Una was being obsessive-compulsive about cleaning everyone so most of what you see is her. I got her out for a training session this evening so she's a little calmer now.

Only a few more days of Bio-sensor. It stops just before their ears open and the pups have to deal with all aspects of the world. At this point, the pups are still deaf; their ear canal is not complete yet. But in the next 5-7 days, they will begin to hear. That's an exciting time although we try to keep sounds under control for the first few days so as to not overwhelm them.

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Lisa said...

Una, such a good mommy you are! These are five lucky puppies!