Friday, May 20, 2016

New Digs!

Paige and the pups enjoying their new digs!
Wow, where do I begin?   This past week has been busy continuing with 24-hour watching of the pups, weighing them 2x a day, doing ENS and ESI, cleaning and disinfecting, nails, caring for Paige and trying to get some "real work" done.  One of the pups got a severe upset stomach at 2:30 in the morning on Tuesday, which prompted a trip to the ER.  We were fearful it might be something serious since, as those of you who are watching the puppy cam probably noticed, all the pups had diarrhea, but it was not.   We decided to stop supplementing the pups and let Paige's nutrition take over and now everyone is doing well.  In order to manage weights rather than supplementing, those with smaller weight gains get some private nursing time.

The big news is their eyes are open!  For me that first reflection of light in their eyes is so wonderful.  It is the very first step of the outside world opening to them.   In a few days their ears will open, too.

We are almost done with Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction.   So far the scents they have been introduced to are:
Fox Fur
Rat Bedding
Tennis Ball
Tonight's scent is dirt and we end tomorrow with duck

Yesterday we moved the pups into their new digs.  We don't usually move them into a larger box at this point, but it was getting really crowded, which means Paige cannot get comfortable.  They have adapted to the new box very well!

I have uploaded lots of new photos and videos into the photo section.  Oh, I am not the best photographer, but wanted to let you know that some photos look blurry, but they may be videos.  Just look in the lower left-hand corner of the photo and if you see a little video camera icon, click it on to open the video.


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