Wednesday, May 11, 2016

6 Days Aleady!

Gaylan's Number Litter - Six Days Old

The Number Litter is getting big!   They get hot too quickly when we put them in the warming box (with the heat off) while we clean the whelping box, so now we have switched to using two boxes.  How do we know they are happy?   They are quiet!!   Paige continues to be an amazing mother - keeping both herself and her pups really clean.  She is enjoying the 4 pounds of food a day and her special treat--having Cindy, her mom, visit for an overnight stay!

It's day 4 of Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)  and Early Scent Introduction (ESI).  The first three scents were fox fur, evergreen and anise.  Today's scent was clove oil.  Most pups were neutral to it but two or three were really taking in the scent. 

It's time to trim their nails again... all 234 of them!   We've uploaded more photos, so check them out along with the webcam!

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